Durwen invests in expansion 2021

Dear Durwen Partners, on the 6th of April 2021, Durwen broke ground for the largest building project so far in its history.

Three new halls are going to be built at the headquarter located in Plaidt, Germany. The plans for this were already made in 2017, when the extension got approved together with a previous construction project.

The newest expansion Halls 21, 22 and 23 feature an extra room of 3500 square meters and will provide additional space for machining as well as storage with an unloading area for material supply. With their height of 10 meters, these are the biggest halls that have ever been built at Durwen. Six gantry cranes will be installed throughout the halls 21-23 in total, two of them with 5-tons capacity and four of them with 6.3-tons capacity.

The completion of construction is planned for November 2021. We hope to fulfil the increasing demand for Durwen products herewith and keep the delivery times at an acceptable level by investing in this expansion.

In addition to the investment in buildings we are investing around 1 million Euro in our machinery in 2021 alone.

Image left to rigth: Markus Theisen, Klaus Durwen, Alexander Durwen,
Sebastian Durwen, Ralf Taubenheim

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